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In this website article, we will delve into the topic of Caller Name Announcer and explore the advantages that it offers. Additionally, we present an enhanced Caller Name Announcer application available on our website. Should you have a desire to gain insight into this information, we encourage you to peruse our web article attentively.

Phone Caller Ringtone Announcer

In today’s world, the prevalence of mobile phones is undeniable. These portable devices have revolutionized communication, enabling individuals to effortlessly and swiftly connect with one another. Consequently, the usage of mobile phones has experienced a significant surge.

Every mobile device serves as a hub for various activities, including monetary exchanges and image sharing, since its inception. Nevertheless, the primary purpose of a mobile remains communication between individuals.

When we consider initiating a conversation with another person and ring their mobile phone, it emits a sound that can be tolerated by our preferred songs or music. By doing so, our mobile phones will automatically produce a melody when we deem it necessary for others to respond to us. Upon awakening and hearing this specific sound, we become aware of it and promptly answer the call or reject it if desired.

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What is Caller Name Announcer?

The inception of the Caller Name Announcer app stems from the sheer whimsy of a saved contact’s name cascading melodiously with every incoming call on our mobile device.

This astounding mobile application ensures that every time you receive a call, regardless of the contact saved in your device, their name will be spoken aloud. Such is the distinctive allure of this incredible innovation.

What is Caller Name Announcer Help?

When our mobile phone is within reach, we can effortlessly glance at its screen to identify the caller. Occasionally, we may leave our device charging or step away to indulge in a refreshing shower. During such instances, if someone dials our number, their identity is verbally announced, catching our attention.

This special Caller Name Announcer application ensures that you have access to pleasant surprises. It provides a delightful experience for viewers as they listen to the automatic announcement of someone’s name.

Best Caller Name Announcer App

Discover the ultimate Caller Name Announcer App, thoughtfully curated just for you. Delve into our web article where we unveil an extraordinary application handpicked from the esteemed Google official website. Once you’ve immersed yourself in its entirety and familiarized yourself with its intricate details, unleash its potential with complete autonomy.

About Caller Name Announcer App

App Size23M
12/2021 Nowadays Installs10,000,000+
RoleCaller Name Announcer
Offered ByAnyDroid Technology Pvt Ltd

Introducing Caller Name Announcer, the premier Android Tools application that instantly notifies you of the caller’s name as soon as you receive a call or text message. Quicker, superior, and completely complimentary.

Drive safely with the assistance of this remarkable app made to enhance your driving experience.

Call and SMS Announcer

  • Makes loud calls and SMS.
  • SMS with content.
  • Announcement facility during call waiting.
  • Announces unknown calls by custom name or number.

Advertising settings

  • Option to change ad speed.
  • Adjust separate announcement volume for call or SMS.
  • Announcer works in all modes (ring, silent, vibrate).
  • The app works with any TTS (Text to Speech) engine.
  • Announcer supports multiple languages. (TTS supported languages)

Flashlight alert

  • Get flash alerts for incoming calls, SMS and notifications.
  • The app has different flash blinking patterns.
  • Separate flash number for SMS and notifications.
  • Flash alert works in all modes (ring, silent, vibrate).
  • Flash alerts automatically turn off when battery is low.

Contact Settings

  1. Disable all alerts for specific contacts.
  2. Set a custom name for a particular contact number.
  3. Turn off announcer or flash alerts for specific contacts.

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